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What Will Be Obvious In Retrospect
Read time: 2 minutes. I like to ask a lot of questions. It’s how I learn. My last post was about asking the question, did you live well today? Today’s post is about pondering a new question, what will be obvious in retrospect? We all have blindspots in our thinking. There are many moments of …

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Stoicism: Explained! An Overview On The Way Of Life
I stumbled across the Stoic philosophy going down various internet rabbit holes several years ago. The concept, philosophy, way of life, school of thought, or however else you choose to look at Stoicism, has positively impacted my life and so I wanted to share it. I wouldn’t consider myself a Stoic but I apply certain principles, especially related to mindset, on a daily basis. It provides a framework to influence my perspectives and internal state of mind.
The 5 Hinderances – Get Out Of Your Own Way
In Buddhism, the 5 hinderances impede or get in the way of forward progress in meditation and life. They are obstacles that challenge you. It’s important to pay attention to what is happening when you feel their challenge. By identifying the hindrances, you can get a better sense of what caused them to arise. Then figure out how to overcome them.
How To Think Clearly By Writing
Humans write to persuade, inform, tell stories, and change history. Writing is more impactful than ever with vast and instant distribution. On the internet (or before the internet), one person’s writing can change the trajectory of the world. I’m writing more in 2021 because it will clarify my thoughts. I want to think better so I can do better and be better. It’s also fun to look back on what I’ve previously written.
How To Think From First Principles – Like Elon Musk
First principles thinking allows you to think clearly and think for yourself. By definition, a first principle is a basic thought that cannot be reduced further. You can learn how to incorporate this into your thinking tool kit and I will show you three ways to start. In my (current) opinion, on the journey to “think better, do better, be better” understanding reasoning from first principles is step number one.

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